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Why We Act The Way We Do

There are reasons why we act the way we do. We do not just act randomly. There are also how we carry these actions out. It takes a whole process that we sometimes don’t pay attention to. Some don’t know about the arbitration going on in them before they take an action. There is no action we take that does not go through this process of vetting before they are finally exhibited. That is why we need to take our time to look at the process when it starts, to ensure we finally take fair and balanced actions. It’s only when we understand this secret that we can make use of it to our advantage.

So why do we act the way we do?

The Body: This process starts from the body. The body is confronted with a situation that he/she does not know whether to take action or not. And it does not know which action to take.

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The Mind: The next point of call is the mind. The body immediately consults the mind whether to take action or not. It as well decides which action to be taken. And once the mind gives a verdict to act and on which action to be taken, it goes to the next in line.

The Spirit of God: For those who are led by the Spirit of God, the Spirit weighs in to see if it’s the right decision or not. The Spirit allows the decision, if it’s morally right, and appeals if it’s morally wrong. Then it passes it to the next in line.

The Conscience: The next in the process, which is the conscience, receives the information. Mind you, for those who are not led by the Spirit of God, the process jumps from the mind to the conscience. The conscience decides and gives judgement. The judgement is passed to the next table.

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The Mind – 2: That judgement passed by the conscience is returned back to the mind. The mind receives the judgement and seals it for delivery.

The Body – 2: The receiver of the delivered judgement is again, the body, which is finally the enforcer of the judgement in the form of taking the action decided upon.

With this understanding, we’ll be able to take our time to go through this process consciously. It’s an opportunity for us to take a critical look at, and evaluate the consequences. We all know that there’s no action that’s without consequences.

Think wisely so you can act wisely.

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