Inspiration From God: In the Beginning

You’re probably here to read about the inspiration from God and why the book of the bible started with the statement “Bereshit Bara” a statement in Hebrew language which means “In the Beginning”.

Why in the Beginning?

Why didn’t God command Moses to write something like “Hey!! I am God, I am about to create the world, and after creating the world I want you my creatures to do this and that…”? The statement –In the Beginning is not just an ordinary statement.

Imagine you are about to write a piece of work that will serve as a manual for living for all eternity, the first line of the writing should be something not just ordinary.

Now The Inspiration From God

God has something to tell humanity in those words, and that is “There is always a Beginning.” Yes! There is always a beginning, and that beginning can start now.

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It does not matter how long you have been dangling between beginnings, you can still start afresh and make a new creation of yourself and your life and you can start today.

Have you tried a lot of things without succeeding, you can still start afresh, there is always a beginning. We have to understand that the pains of not trying are worse than the feelings of not winning.  No matter, how bad things have turned in your life, I encourage you to start a new beginning, you can still make it, is not over until it is over. Don’t give up. Give it another try, another chance. Start that new business, take that job, marry again, forgive that person, start your relationship again, sometimes, most things that will work in life have many beginnings, and that is what God is trying to tell you, there is always a beginning.

Start afresh and enjoy your life.

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