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Deborah Lukalu – Wa Maajabu (Mp3 with Lyrics)

Download Wa Maajabu by Deborah Lukalu Mp3 with Lyrics

Gifted South Africa gospel singer and Worshiper, Deborah Lukalu released an amazing new track titled Wa Maajabu”.

“Wa Maajabu” by Deborah Lukalu is a powerful song that celebrates the wonders and greatness of God. The song’s title, which means “God of Wonders,” sets the tone for a message of awe and praise. Deborah Lukalu’s strong and expressive voice brings this message to life, making it an inspiring and moving piece.

The lyrics of “Wa Maajabu” focus on the miracles and mighty works of God. They speak of His power and glory, encouraging listeners to reflect on the amazing things He has done. The chorus is simple yet impactful, repeating the central theme of God’s greatness and making it easy for listeners to join in and sing along.

The music in “Wa Maajabu” combines traditional and contemporary sounds, creating a rich and engaging experience. The instrumentation is carefully arranged to complement Deborah Lukalu’s vocals, with a melody that is both uplifting and memorable. The rhythm is smooth, making the song enjoyable to listen to and easy to connect with.

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Deborah Lukalu song Wa Maajabu is more than just a song; it’s a declaration of God’s greatness and a call to worship. It reminds listeners of the miracles and wonders that surround them, encouraging a sense of gratitude and awe. The song’s clear and powerful message makes it accessible and inspiring for a wide audience. “Wa Maajabu” shows how music can be a powerful tool for praise and worship, offering a positive and uplifting message to all who hear it.

Listen and download below.

Download Wa Maajabu Mp3 by Deborah Lukalu.


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Video: Wa Maajabu by Deborah Lukalu.

Wa Maajabu Mp3 Download & Lyrics by Deborah Lukalu

Wa Maajabu Lyrics by Deborah Lukalu.

Eeeeeh Eeeeeh hiii Ebwana wangu mintakuimbia Ebwana wangu mintakuimbia ..wakati ni ngali n pumuzi nitakuimbia*2 (eeeeh bwana)

Ebwana wangu nitakuimbia*2
wakati n ngali n pumuzi nitakuimbia*2(eeee bwana)
Mufalme wangu mintakuimbia
Ebaba wangu mintakuimbia
(wakati ni ngali n pumuzi nitakuimbia*2)

Ebwana wangu nitakuimbia*2(eeehh bababababa)
wakati n ngali n pumuzi nitakuimbia*2eee bwana
Nikuimbie je?eeeh Nikuchezee je? eeeeh (w
akati ningali n pumuzi nitakuimbia*2)

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Ebwana wangu nitakuimbia*2(eeeebaaba
wakati n ngali n pumuzi nitakuimbia*2
unabakia mungu *3wamilelemilele bwana

unabakia mungu*3 wa mileleeeeee
ulitembea kwa maji wanakuita wamiujizA unabakia mungu wamilele milele baba

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