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Who is Timothy Ray Brown – Bio, Age, Cause Of Death, Wife, Family

The first person, Timothy Ray Brown who has survived from the Death-Dealing disease HIV has died on September 29, 2020.

As the Gentlemen and The International HIV/AIDS Alliance was working together to find out the cure for HIV. So Timothy’s death is a huge upset for medical science.

Timothy Ray Brown Biography

Timothy was born in 1996 in Seattle, United States Of America. He grew up there and went to Germany for study purposes. Timothy was the one child of his mother, named Sharon.

Who is Timothy Ray Brown – Bio, Age, Cause Of Death, Wife, Family
Timothy’s Family

Here are some of his best friend names, Corrinne Balinsky, Jake Miranda, and Elaine Fitch.

How Old Was He?

As The Berlin Patient was born on March 11, 1966, and died September 29 of 2020, so Timothy was 54 years old before the soul leaves his body in California. His Zodiac was Pisces.

Timothy Ray Brown Wife, Family

Information about Timothy Ray Brown’s Wife is still unreachable. Our team is trying hard to know about his wife. As soon as it will be shared in any public media, we will let you know.

Timothy’s mother’s name is Sharon Brown, and his GrandMother name was Mildred Marie Brown.

How He Fought Against The HIV?

He was residing in the Capital of Germany, Berlin, where he was diagnosed with HIV in 1995, that’s why Timothy Ray, also known as “Berlin Patient”. He suffers almost the next 10 years with the death-dealing HIV.

In 2006, He was affected by another dangerous type of Cancer, known as acute myeloid Leukemia. To deal with this Leukemia, he went through a process called stem cell transplantation and had a unique type of bone marrow transplant.

Who is Timothy Ray Brown Bio, Age, Cause Of Death, Wife, Family

But to find out the donors to give him the rare CCR5 cell surface receptor wasn’t that easy. Only 10% of people from Europe and Western Asians rarely have it naturally in their blood cells.

The very next year, he transplants another step of bone marrow, and In 2008, the doctors found that there isn’t any existing on Mr. Timothy’s blood cell, and he successfully cured of HIV. That gives a message of hope that HIV patients can also be a cure from it.

After his success against HIV, there is only one person named Adam Castillejo for your kind information. To go through the Stem Cell Transplantation to treat HIV correctly, you have to have already these two following disease graft-versus-host disease and leukoencephalopathy. Afterward, there is a high chance to get success against HIV.

Scientists are trying to find an easier way to cure HIV, and scientists hope that within 2022 then may find out a way that has a high success rate of HIV cases.

Timothy Ray Brown Cause Of Death

As his partner, Tim Hoeffgen said that, “The cause of his death was a return of cancer that originally prompted the unusual stem cell transplants Brown received back in the year 2007, as mentioned above.”

According to Sources, Timothy was suffering this problem from the month of April, and after a 5 month of battle with Leukemia, he passed away. In a word, The cause of his death is Cancer.

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