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Top 15 Hottest Syrian Models And Influencers In 2021

Over the last ten years, Syria was always in the newspaper’s headline, but for the wrong reason. As the country gets out of the Civil war situation and becomes stable day by day, the young talents and Syrian models are coming to the limelight.

Syria was always a land of beauty and glamour. At the same time, Syria was always known for its rich culture. More than 30 ethnic groups of people live in Syria nowadays, such as KurdishYazidiArabsDruzeBedouin, etc.

Talking about Syrian models and people’s physical features, Syrians primarily have Olive brown skin, dark brown eyes, and long black hair. At the same time, Don’t be surprised if you recognize someone with blonde hair, blue eyes, and pale skin.

Top 15 Hottest Syrian Models in 2021

Below is the list of Top 15 most famous models in Syria. The list includes both Syrian male models and Syrian female models. The below Syrian models list is sorted by social media followers

Buckle up and discover the hottest Models available in Syria.

Jasmin Hawari

Jasmin Hawari

Jasmin Hawari ranked no one on the list. She is a fashion model and beauty blogger. The beauty queen won the title of Miss Arab SYRIA in 2019.

NameJasmin Hawari
Engagement Ratio3.45%
Likes Per Post11K

Milaan Druaa

Milaan Druaa

Milaan Druaa is a model and social media influencer. She is currently living in Canada. The model has completed her mechanical engineering degree. She is available on TikTok; more than 1.1M people follow her on TikTok.

NameMilaan Druaa
Engagement Ratio0.70%
Likes Per Post2K

Rania Sharkas

Rania Sharkas

Rania Sharkas is an Instagram model, makeup artist, and blogger. The diva owns a beauty salon named Rania Sharkas beauty salon.

NameRania Sharkas
Engagement Ratio6.36%
Likes Per Post16K

Fatma Beauty

Fatma Beauty

Fatma is a well-known beauty blogger from the beautiful land of Syria. More than 250K people follow her on Instagram. Recently, she has joined TikTok. Over 85K people follow her on TikTok.

NameFatma Beauty
Engagement Ratio8.89%
Likes Per Post22K

Sana Hojok

Sana Hojok

Sana Hojok is a Syrian fashion model and blogger. The glamour girl is currently residing in the United Arab Emirates. The teen model, 15, is very health conscious and tries to maintain a healthy diet. 

NameSana Hojok
Engagement Ratio1.83%
Likes Per Post3K



Batoul Bandoura is a beauty and fashion blogger from Syria. She is currently living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The model also has a youtube channel, where she uploads makeup tutorial videos.

Engagement Ratio4.62%
Likes Per Post7K

Model Navan

Model Navan

Model Navan is a Syrian born Fashion model currently residing in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Other than that, she is also available on TikTok and managed to get over 125K followers on TikTok.

NameModel Navan
Engagement Ratio3.02%
Likes Per Post2.5K

Dima Tariq Al-Arabi 

Dima Tariq Al-Arabi 

Dima Tariq Al-Arabi is a model, voiceover artist, and dubbing supervisor. In addition, she has a huge interest in singing, and she is a professional singer. The diva sang for a TV series named Spacemoon.

NameDima Tariq Al-Arabi
Engagement Ratio3.78%
Likes Per Post3K

Enas Ibrahim

Enas Ibrahim

Enas Ibrahim has won the title of Miss Beauty World Dubai 2017. Enas is a fashion model and social media influencer. She was born in Damascus, Syria, and spent her childhood in Syria. Later she moved to the UAE and currently resides in Dubai, UAE.

NameEnas Ibrahim
Engagement Ratio2.69%
Likes Per Post2K

Aya Doumani


The Makeup artist and beauty model is massively popular among Syrian female audiences. She also has a Facebook community, where more than 200K people have already joined.

NameAya Doumani
Engagement Ratio4.38%
Likes Per Post2.5K

Abd Hennawi


Abd Hennawi is a male social media influencer from Syria. Apart from being active on Instagram, he is also very active on TikTok and Youtube. On TikTok, he has more than 1M fan following, and on Youtube, he has over 50K subscribers. Which makes him the most popular male social media star of Syria.

NameAbd Hennawi
Engagement Ratio4.38%
Likes Per Post2.5K

Alisar Ailabouni


Alisar Ailabouni is an elegant-looking model currently based in New York.

NameAlisar Ailabouni
Engagement Ratio3.76%
Likes Per Post1K

Lina Diab

Lina Diab

Lina Diab is a Syrian artist and actress. Because of her natural acting and glamorous charm, most of her craze is among the youth. In addition, the beauty queen is also available on Facebook. More than 160K people actively follow her on Facebook.

NameLina Diab
Engagement Ratio3.50%
Likes Per Post3.5K



Raheel Raoof is an Instagram model based in Syria. She also works as a Tourist guide. To date, she has uploaded more than 50 content on her Instagram page. Those contents helped her to gain more than 25K followers on Instagram.

NameRaheel Raoof
Engagement Ratio5.83%
Likes Per Post1.5K

Abdullah Al Dilim


Abdullah is a Fashion model and artist. He is currently 23 years old.

NameAbdullah Al Dilim
Engagement Ratio2.35%
Likes Per Post250


These are the most famous Syrian models available. All the models and influencers mentioned above are highly talented and gorgeous.

In social media, the most following personality among the Syrian female models is Jasmin Hawari, and Most loved Syrian male model’s name is Abd Hennawi.

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