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Sangita Yaduvanshi – Bio, Age, Boyfriend, Height, Net Worth 2020

How many people are there who choose poetry as a profession? I guess the answer would be very view. Sangita Yaduvanshi is one of those who choose her profession in poetry. Besides the poet, she is also a Journalist, writer, artist, and social media influencer.

Yes, today’s article is all about Sangita’s inspirational biography, hope you will find it inspirational as well. So stick with us till the end and read the full article. But at first, let’s take a look at her quick bio and facts.

Quick Bio & Facts

NameSangita Yaduvanshi
Father NameNot Known
Mother NameNot Known
ProfessionPoet & Journalist
Birth DateNot Known
Birth Year1997
Zodiac SignNot Known
Relationship StatusSingle
Net Worth$80 Thousand
Height5 Feet 5 Inches
Weight48 Kilograms
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack

Sangita Yaduvanshi Bio

In 1997, a beautiful child was born in the Yaduvanshi family. Father and Mother of that child were very happy and named her as Sangita Yaduvanshi.

The name Sangita refers to “music and associated performance arts” in the Indian traditions“. It seems like her parents love music. Maybe that’s why they named her child Sangita. Who knows?

Sangita Yaduvanshi – Bio, Age, Boyfriend, Height, Net Worth 2020

She passed her childhood and grew up with her family in Mumbai. Information about Sangita’s family still in the dark. She even didn’t talk much about her family with public media.

Although there is no much information about her education. But in our brief research, we found that this intelligent artist completes her school education from Mumbai.


From earlier days, she was very passionate about writing, especially poetry. Because she was passionate, she wanted to show her arts with public media.

But as she didn’t belong from any known family. So it was tough for her to share her writing with peoples. But she didn’t give up.

She started going to media houses to telecast her poetry. She started uploading her poetry and writes on social media. She starts getting applause from social media. People started to like her content. 

Sangita Yaduvanshi – Bio, Age, Boyfriend, Height, Net Worth 2020
Sangita Yaduvanshi

The engagement of her public post getting increased day by day. At that time, she got a chance to present her creative writing and poetry on “The Social House” (The Social house is a platform for the community of writers, poets, singers, photographers, actors, and more coming together to promote art & culture) platform.

She was excited and very happy because she got a chance to present her creative poetry with a big audience.

Sangita Yaduvanshi prepared her writes and record her storytelling poetry video on The Social House platform and upload it on The Social House youtube channel.

The title of that video is Chalo Text Karte Hain. Guess what, that video goes viral. To date, that video has more than 1.1 million views on YouTube.

That video was just starting. In July 2018, Sangita made another video, named Hum Single Hi Achhe Hain and upload it on the same youtube channel.

To date, this video gained more than 10 million views on YouTube, more than 20 Million on Facebook, and Infinite numbers of shares on Whatsapp. People loved that video because they found it related to their real life.

This was the video that gave her actual fame. People started knowing her. Later, She released Hum Single Hi Achhe Hain 2. This video also gets lots of love from the audience.

After that, The Social House and Sangita create some more videos. Those videos also got enormous amounts of view.

She is also a journalist and already works with TV9 Bharatvarsh. The performance of her journalism is also excellent.

Sangita Yaduvanshi Age

According to the TikTokWikipedia website, Sangita was born in 1997. So As in 2020, she is 23 years old. 

Although, as per our current database, we don’t have enough information about what her birthday is.


As I already mentioned that Sangita didn’t give any interview to any public media. Unfortunately, Because of that reason, there is no information about her relationship status. But some sources said that she is still single.

We don’t know how much truth is there that she is single. Because of her beauty and smartness, any guy can fall into her love.

Net Worth

There is no official data about her Net Worth. But some experts say that her estimated net worth is near around 50-80 Thousand dollars

Sangita Yaduvanshi – Bio, Age, Boyfriend, Height, Net Worth 2020
Sangita Yaduvanshi Net Worth

She mainly earns from paid performance on various events and platforms. As a journalist, she also earns from News Channel.

Although the net worth of 80 thousand dollars is enough to lead a luxurious life, but we hope that she will able to increase her net worth in the near future.

Height and Weight

The height of this artist is 5 Feet 5 Inches, and according to sources, the weight of her is near around 48 Kilograms. Thanks to her healthy diet and exercises, which keeps her fit.

Social Media Appearance Of Sangita Yaduvanshi

Sangita Yaduvanshi is quite active in various social media, and it makes sense because social media makes her famous. She is most active in TikTok.

Sangita Yaduvanshi – Bio, Age, Boyfriend, Height, Net Worth 2020

TikTok: She has more than 885K Followers on TikTok. To date, she uploaded more than 265 videos on TikTok. No need to mentioned that these videos helped her to get views on TikTok. On average, she gets 300K views on every TikTok videos.

Instagram: On Instagram, while I am writing this article, she has 68K followers. She needs only 76 content to get this amount of followers on Instagram.

According to SocialBlade, her Instagram account’s engagement ratio is 10%, and on average, she got 6K likes and 122 comments in her every post.

Besides her main Instagram account, she has another Instagram account by the name sangita_writes. Sangita_writes has more than 4.5K followers on Instagram. Here she mainly shares her thoughts and writes.

Youtube: The poet has a youtube channel by the name of Sangita Yaduvanshi. She joined YouTube on Feb 5, 2019. To date, she already uploaded five videos. She uploaded her first video on May 10, 2019. In her first video, she got more than 22K views.

More than 6.5K people already subscribed to her YouTube channel. According to SocialBlade, she earns 100 dollars per month from her YouTube channel.

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