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Tips on How to Have a Successful and Happy Marriage Life

Tips for a Happy Marriage Life

Here, I’ll be sharing some very useful tips to have a successful and Happy Marriage Life

Marriage is a lovely arrangement, upon which two individuals come together to become one, to do things together and to love each other. In fact, when we are not married, some of us dream of the day, when we will be in our home, married and live happily.

Marriage is a lovely thing and almost every person want to live happily, full of joy and love with that one person. But then, that’s not what we see around, many couples, though been married wish they never did, some feel it was just a terrible mistake, and others are more or less a slave to there marriage.

Most married couples no longer feel that love they use to have for their partner and that’s why the rate of divorce are on a high side. When couples can no longer handle their marriage problems, they just want to have a break or call it a quite, by seeking for divorce.

Meanwhile when dating, those times are just wow, you call each other, have a long conversation, hang out, stay out late, drink together, laugh together, make midnight calls even while your tired, send messages to each other, send some love quotes, in fact those times are just amazing and the drive to be together is just knocking and finally you are now married.

During the honeymoon period, is just one of the times most people don’t want to wake up from because that period is one of the special moments of their lives.

But after that, what next?

Most marriages fall apart, even right after there honeymoon, some after a year, and some after some years, but does that mean you can’t bring back those fluttery butterfly feelings of excitement and anticipation everyone experiences at the beginning of a relationship? Not at all, many marriages still over come those challenges and problem, though some don’t survive long enough to come out the other side unscathed, but you can. You can win the battle, you can make it work, you can have that beautiful home full of love happiness. It all depends on you, if you really want to make it happen.

Read on to get the marriage tips!

Bellow are some amazing tips on how to have a Successful and Happy Marriage Life

This tips are for both partners, some I will be emphasizing on the wife and some on the husband.

1. Appreciate headship.

Some of us might be saying “no, we live in a world of gender equality” but to be honest, if you really want your marriage to work, as a woman you need to come to understand that your husband is the head of your home and so you need to give him the respect he deserve. In terms of decision making, allow him to express his headship, make him feel he’s in charge to make the decision and the responsibility he ought to take. This is what makes him feel happy.

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2. Satisfy each others emotional needs.

After you’ve been married for many, many years, that passionate kiss when your partner walks in the door can easily fade away, even to look at each other will become a problem and this is a real problem. In fact Studies  have show that nearly half of men who have cheated say it was because of emotional dissatisfaction and not sex. When men don’t feel connected or appreciated by their partner, they are vulnerable to the advances of any attractive woman and this also is the case for most woman. So my advice is to stay connected to your partner, give that kisses, that touch, romance and cares, create that Sense of satisfaction, and make your partner feel the presence of your affection.

3. Appreciate the little things you do for each other.

Little things matters. Sometimes, when your partner gives you something no matter how little it is appreciate it. For example, as a husband when your wife make a new meal she thought you would like, praise her and tell her thank you for her effort. Likewise wives, when your partner buy something maybe a cloth, don’t start criticizing it or complaining but rather kiss him and tell him how happy you are for the gift.

Remember how it was when you got married, you barely have issues, you look over many negative part or accept his apologize. So also If you are so inclined to keep score of all the positive things your partner does in a day and then thank them. Hopefully they’ll get the hint and do the same for you.

4. Practice honesty, even when you’re ashamed.

Most time the issue of money could bring this misunderstanding between couples, especially when one of them is not sincere about it. For example you are planning to go on vacation or you want to buy something and then use your partners credit card without telling him/her and you over do it without the knowledge of your partner, it might cause lack of trust which might make your partner feel insecure with the way you spend without their knowledge and eventually that Truth won’t be there any more.

In some cases, couples lie to each other to cover there behavior or whatever they might have done. The best cure to this is to be honest with your partner even while you feel ashamed of what you have done. You should be able to talk and be honest about anything even if is just a little thing you did. Probably using money which you are not to use, don’t be shy about it, tell him the truth, don’t try to cover it up.

Along that same vein, if you feel you aren’t connecting with your partner the way you used to, you need to say something.

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5. Take care of your looks.

Most couples are victims of this. Sometimes not that you don’t want to really look good always for your partner, but because probably now you guys have kids, have extra work to joggle and a home to take care of. This could really be taking much time and at the end of each day you find yourself too tried to even dress up Good.

Women abandon working out and loss there shape, most time by adding weight probably because of child birth, but honestly if you are determine to make your marriage work, you ought to workout, set time for exercises, count down your calories intake. Though you might not be as you where before you got married but you can look smart and good for your partner.

Be neat no matter what the it takes. Remember those times when you guys hang out, when you would have walked around with your super neat fancy dress and your sparkly pure white teeth? Yeah, don’t let go of those routine, keep doing them.

Take your bath before you go to bed and smell nice. It’s always nice to hear your partner say “my love you smell nice” with that a close touch, you feel the closeness once again. Or you could just dress specially for your partner, it brings this adoration!

6. Foster relationships outside your marriage.

One thing most couples don’t understand is, sometimes you just need to give it some space, yes space, like me during the holidays I just go out, some times to my parents, other times to my friends and one thing I noticed is, during this times my spouse would call, chat me up, call again at night and I love it. So try it too, go out call each other just like when you’re dating or you could go on a vacation with your partner, go to places, don’t just stay in your home all year round.

7. Mind your words and language.

Please this is really important. There are things you should never say to a lifetime partner, for example “Don’t you think our new neighbor is attractive?” That’s a kind of question that could bring problem to your marriage or statement like “You know it’s always been your problem that…” No one wants to hear that from their partner?

Even if you are right about what you asking or saying, the words you use or the tone and Manner at which you pose the questions or make the statement can be very offense and your partner might pick a fight and before you know it you guys are having a serious misunderstanding.

So think about it, starting a sentence with these words your mate is certain to shut down or start a fight.

So before you make a statement  or say something  be sure to take a minute and think about what you really mean to say — and then say that instead to avoid damaging your marriage with your own words.

8.  Ask about each others day.

Even if you and your partner are always seeing each other, it’s always important to ask about each other. Like ask your partner how the day was, that could start up a conversation, and before you know it, you’re having a good communication, listen to your partner and share how your day went too.

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Don’t just oh my day was fine thanks, no, tell your partner how your day really went, what did, where you went and stuff you bought for the day.

9. Let go, and be silent.

When your partner makes a mistake, don’t be quick to talk about it. Sometimes it is best to really over look some things, remember that Sometimes the best way to address a problem is to just walk away from it. What i mean is, just let it go seriously let it go. Not every slight mistake must be addressed. Learn to let go as much as you can.

Forgive more and learn to forget, remember this person you call you partner or rather the love of your life is an imperfect person just like you are. So once in a while, remind yourself of why you choose to marry this person and why you decide to spend the rest of your life with him or her. So pay attention to the food side and let go of things not worthy to break your home, don’t be silent and still harbor bad thought just let the problem pass.

10. Be kind.

Be kind to your partner even when you are troubled. Don’t become so harsh because you are facing a hard time, most at times some couples take advantage of the love, probably because they know that their partner love and cherish there marriage and so they can behave anyhow and Walk away with it, for instance if you have a bad day at the office and come home and take it out on your partner, what do you think this will do to your partner? A much healthier pattern is to start out each day by asking yourself, “What can I do today to make my partner happy?” And mean it. Doesn’t it make more sense to put your best face on for someone you love?  If your mate loves watching soccer why not join him and watch,or help him put on a tie, watching a horror movie with your eyes closed, or cleaning his shoes for your mate, or Even to appreciate there effort,cook a meal,or take your mate out,make him or her feel special at every time.

11. Maintain closeness.

When I say Intimacy, am not just talking about sex and doing it all the time. but I mean, these closeness, taking a Walk, or telling each other stories, or been there with your mate in tough times, going to the hospital, staying with them there until they get well. Don’t let others define what is a “normal” or “healthy” amount of sex for your marriage. Know that things change, but that doesn’t make them less exciting or fun. And intimacy comes in many shapes, including conversation and cuddling. When there’s intimacy in your marriage, it will be difficult to stay without your partner and these will create a room for the both of you to be happy. Sex is most times not the key to your happiness, the level of closeness you create with your mate will make you miss them always, even if they’re just gone for a little while.

And lastly pray together, keep your marriage tied with prayers, and don’t do it alone do it together. You can learn how to pray and get your prayers answered.

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