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Passing Judgement on Others, A Must Read

Passing Judgement on Others, A Must Read

Unraveling Hidden Knowledge

The various religious rituals that abound in the book of Leviticus could make one discard the book and its contents without a second thought.

However, this book of the bible is so rich in character corrective teachings that appear to be hidden behind the words. Verses 36 -45 of Leviticus Chapter 14  lists the series of investigation the priest will carry out before he can declare a house unclean.

Long but Necessary Steps to Passing Judgement on Others

The priest will order the house to be emptied, inspect the house, examine the mold on the walls, shut the house for seven days, return back after seven days to re-inspect the house.

If the mold did not disappear after seven days, he will order that the contaminated stones be removed and replaced with new ones, he will order that the walls be scrapped and re-plastered, then he will wait again, if the mold reappears after all these processes have been carried out, he can then stand to pronounce the house unclean.

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Quick at passing Judgement could be Unsafe

This is quite amazing! Looking at that passage on the periphery, one may not easily grab the lesson. However, a closer look will deliver a clear message, which is “Do not be Swift at Passing Judgement on others.” pause and ponder, examine and investigate before you strike.

Sometimes, your thoughts, imaginations and feelings about a situation or person might be quite the opposite of what it is. If you are swift at passing judgement, you may take decision that you may live to regret.

Always do not forget that “quick decisions are often unsafe decisions.” In an attempt to express our opinions sometimes, which we are so hungry to express, we often find ourselves embarrassed by the outcome of our conclusions, because what we may have concluded to be the situation may out-rightly be the opposite.

Out of anger and frustration we often judge others not favorably. Most times we condemn people without hearing their part of the story or try to know exactly what happened. Such lifestyle is not just good.

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A similar event happened when the Israelites entered the land of Canaan and then discovered that the two and a half tribes (Reuben, Gad and half tribe of Mannaseh) have made an altar. They wanted to go to war and destroy them, however, they first sent messengers to go and verify if what is said about them is true or not ( Joshua 22 13-33).

They later discovered that the altar they made was an altar of witness and not altar of burnt sacrifice. If they had not made the proper investigation as they did, they could have gone to war against their brothers, which might create a bigger problem for the nation.

Objective and Thorough Investigation before passing Judgement on others

Sometimes in our families, our kid, wife, mother, father, brother or sister may bring a complaint against someone else, because we love them so much, we may not even examine what went wrong or who did wrong, just because we love the complainant we usually take impulsive and drastic actions without proper investigation which is very wrong.

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Eschewing from such character is what God is trying to teach us in the book of Leviticus, so that we will understand that most times the best way to get  the most accurate result is through proper and objective inspection and investigation. That is why the court will always adjourn court hearings so as to judge cases justly and flawlessly using plenty evidences and proofs.

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