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Friendship Is Not Relationship

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What is friendship?

The dictionary defines friendship as a relationship between friends. Friendship is just an association. It is not necessarily close.

What is relationship?

The dictionary defines relationship as an emotional or other connection between people. Mark the word “emotional.” it is a higher level of friendship because it has some form of emotional attachment connected to it.

It’s clear from those definitions that there’s no relationship without friendship. Relationships start with friendship. It becomes a relationship when it forms a stronger interpersonal bond. Also relationships are in levels, depending on how close or apart the relationship is.

Every relationship has a starting point. You do not jump into a relationship. It is a process, a system, and it has a starting point. It starts from friendship. And as regarding Christian dating, not all friendships lead to relationships. And not all relationships leads to dating. Some relationships are better left at just being friends.

  Things you must do to make your relationship stronger

Relationship involves interacting characteristics of two or more humans. Our attitude, character, kind of work also determines the kind of relationship we get and its feedback. Relationships like every other thing in life needs to be fed for it to grow healthy. It needs time, energy, money and prayers to maintain or even to improve on them.

Remember, friendship is not relationship. You attract who you are. If you want interesting good relationship then you have to be interesting and good. Like attracts like. If you want a Godly relationship, you have to be a Christian believer. It is not enough to desire Godly relationship, you have to be Godly yourself in order to attract what you desire.

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