Kim Marie Kessler, Randy Orton’s Wife, Age, Net Worth

Kim Marie Kessler is a socialite from the United States who is most known for being the second wife of WWE wrestler, actor, and stuntman Randall Keith ‘Randy’ Orton. Orton, who wrestles for the SmackDown brand, has also appeared in films like as ‘That’s What I Am’ (2011), ’12 Rounds 2: Reloaded’ (2013), and the WWE Studios feature ‘The Condemned 2’ (2015), as well as the TV show ‘Shooter’ (2016). Even though Kessler is not in the entertainment business, she frequently joins her husband at various shows and events, and she has been profiled by multiple newspapers. In September 2015, she and her husband appeared on an episode of WWE Network’s ‘Unfiltered With Renee Young’ for an interview.

She used to be an ordinary New York girl who went about her business calmly. She is now known as her husband’s strongest supporter, socialite, and businesswoman.

Kim Marie Kessler Family and Early Life

Kim Marie Kessler grew raised in New York with her parents, but nothing is known about them because Kim prefers not to talk about them in public — she hasn’t mentioned having siblings and is thus presumed an only child.

Kim wanted to be a model since she was a child, and she continued to pursue her dream throughout her adolescence – she practised posing in front of the mirror in her room – but modelling has never worked out for her since she has never been given the opportunity. Kim was highly popular in high school due to her good appearance and sophisticated demeanour, so after matriculating, she opted not to go to college and instead focus on other aspects of her life.

Kim Marie Kessler Randy Orton Marriage

While she was a member of his fan club, they met during a live event in Poughkeepsie, New York, in 2012. Orton notices her in the audience and introduces himself, and Kim claims they’ve been inseparable ever then. “In my thoughts, far before I met Randy, he was my lover,” she claimed in an interview with Renee Young on WWE Network’s Unfiltered. She also predicted three years before the two met on another WWE television show, Table for 3, that “they would make out and he would fall in love with her.”

Orton proposed to Kim during a romantic vacation to Bora Bora after they had been dating for a few months.

Kim Marie Kessler and Orton wedded four months later, on November 14, 2015, in Las Vegas.

Because of his celebrity and her need for solitude, Orton revealed that his wife would lie about dating him at the beginning of their relationship.

Kim and Orton Children

With her first spouse, she had three boys called Anthony, Robbie, and Michael.

From his first marriage to gymnast Samantha Speno, Orton has a daughter named Alana.

In November 2016, Kim and Orton had their first child, Brooklyn Rose Orton. The joyful mixed family of seven frequently posts family photos and videos on Instagram.


Kim Marie Kessler makes a livelihood via her business enterprises. She owns and operates the Slthr fashion brand, which provides clothing and accessories for both adults and children. T-shirts, hoodies, socks, and joggers are among the apparel items on sale.
While she does not work in the entertainment business as much as her husband, she frequently joins him at performances and events and has been interviewed by several newspapers.

Kim Marie Kessler is also a socialite.


Her zodiac sign is Aries, and she was born on April 1, 1985. She is currently 39 years old.

Net Worth

Kim Marie Kessler’s present net worth is believed to be less than $100,000, according to credible sources, whereas her husband Randy’s net worth is more than $11 million.


Kim Marie Kessler was accused of being a ‘gold digger’ on social media when her connection with Randy Orton was disclosed. She also sparked outrage when she was accused of deleting some of his fan mail tweets. Kayla Gomez, a fan, hunted and tormented her, prompting her and Orton to join up on social media to call her out as ‘Ms. Piggy.’

Gomez had also pursued Randy Orton before he even knew who she was, snapping a photo of him outside a Texas gym that she subsequently uploaded online. Soon after, he tweeted the identical photo to Kim Marie Kessler, informing her that if she had been there with him to meet “the Latino Ms Piggy,” she would have had a nice laugh. “Your (sic) not the only one who can play games,” Kim wrote to the message. Following the SmackDown taping in Laredo, Texas, he addressed the situation, saying that he had blocked Gomez for stalking and harassing Kessler, but she continued to hound him for photographs. He also advised her to live a normal life rather than troll someone else.

Likes and Interest

Kim Marie Kessler has an opulent lifestyle and frequently posts photos of her travels and interests to her Instagram account. Kim’s major love is travelling, and owing to her husband Randy, who appears to go to great lengths to make her happy, she has already travelled extensively across Europe and Asia, as well as over most of South and North America. She is a huge animal lover, and she decided to adopt the stray dog and give him the name Spike.

Kim is also fit and healthy since she attends many gym sessions each week — she began coming to the gym after graduating from high school and hasn’t stopped since. When she’s not working, Kim relaxes by watching movies and TV shows with her husband. They both adore the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise, and their favourite television shows are “Breaking Bad” and “Lost.”

Kim on Social Media

Kim Marie Kessler maintains a strong presence on several major social media platforms since this is critical to her ‘career’ as a socialist. Her Twitter account was created in March 2014, and she already has about 80,000 followers and has tweeted nearly 1,300 times. Her previous Instagram account was removed, but she just created a new one, which has around 1,200 followers and 60 photos — Kim also has a Facebook profile with over 1,500 friends.

She’s also active on Instagram, where she has over 3k followers who have reacted to her over 50 posts on her adventures with her husband.

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