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Charles Butt is the Chairman and majority stakeholder of H.E. Butt Grocery. H.E. Butt, usually called HEB, is a chain of grocery stores founded by his grandmother Florence Butt in 1905. Charles later in life inherited this business. This company has 3400 stores and over 100,000 employees across the United States and Mexico. The family controls 85% of the company while employees get 15%.

Florence Butt started the C.C. Butt Grocery Store with $60 selling different provisions in front of her house just to raise funds to treat her sick husband. However, her son, Howard Sr, joined her and took over the business in the 1920s establishing more shops in the US. Then later on Howard Jnr and Charles joined in the 1940s.

Charles was about 8 when he joined the business. But Howard chose to go into evangelism following the footsteps of the renowned preacher, Billy Graham. Howard is still Vice Chairman, of HEB Groceries. He is also in charge of the HEB Foundation.

Charles Butt Education

Charles got his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Pennsylvania. Afterwards, he furthered to obtain an MBA from Havard University.


Charles joined HEB in 1946 at the tender age of 8, as a “bagboy”. He worked his way through the ranks in the business till he was named Chairman. In 1971, he took over HEB as Chairman or President. Ever since he has dedicated his life to building this legacy. He has succeeded in expanding HEB, establishing it in Mexico. Today this mere couple of local grocery stores is worth over $ 10 billion and boasts over $ 30 billion in annual sales.


Charles has no wife, was never married, and neither does he have children. We cannot confirm why he has decided to go this route, maybe he has been heartbroken in his younger days or he has been so dedicated to HEB that he does not have time for dates.

Is Charles Butt Gay?

Charles is not gay. He is straight.

How Old is Charles Butt

Mr Butt was born on 3 February 1938. He is 86 years old.

Charles Butt Net Worth

Charles has done well for himself and his family building H. E. Butt Grocery shops into a world-class business. But what is certain is that Charles Butt is worth over $ 8 billion. He got his wealth from the 85% Butt family is entitled to.

Charles is a modest man. He lives in a simple house in San Antonio.

Charles Butt Foundation

Charles is philanthropic. He has dedicated quality time to helping people in different works of life. He established the Charles Butt Foundation to pursue “a more equitable and prosperous future for all Texans through education and community partnerships”.

However, in 2017, he donated $100million to Texas Public Education. And $5 million to J. J. Watt’s Houston Hurricane Harvey relief fund the same year

Charles Butt Scholarship

Mr Charles Butt via his foundation has scholarship opportunities for aspiring teachers. Charles Butt pledges million for the Raise Your Hand Texas Teachers scholarship fund. However, This scholarship supports aspiring teachers with $8,000 – $10,000 annual funding for up to four years. Also mentoring awardees from selected public school teachers. Currently, about 100 scholarships are awarded at 12 selected universities each year. In addition, a requirement is that applicants must be scholars of any of the universities. Charles reserved $ 50 million for this project.

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