Omawumi – Bullsh!t

Check out this new song from Omawunmi – Bullsh!t.

Popular Nigerian music star, Omawumi has come for the Nigerian government, Lagos Traffic and the way of living in Nigeria with her new music titled “BULLSH!T” which was written and performed by herself. Here’s Omawunmi’s comment on the new banger;

“Bulls**t” is a very melodic thought-provoking song that vocalises the struggles and plights of everyone. It is a song for everyone. Are you not tired of the Bullsh!t?”

Excerpt Lyrics of Bullsh!t
Most people are giving you bullsh!t
Your government is saying bullsh!t
And it is not like you don’t want ’cause you sef you are taking that bullsh!t
Influencers are spewing bullsh!t
Lagos traffic is entirely bullsh!t
So I don’t see anything wrong to write a song and title it bullsh!t…

“Bullsh!t” was produced by Magical Andy and mixed by Tee-Y Mix. Watch video below:


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