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Welcome to another episode of our daily bible study, in this episode, we will discuss the message titled, learn to have fear of the Lord. you can watch the video below.


In our previous daily bible study, we discussed the topic that says; God will fulfil his purpose in your life.

We learned from that episode that, the assurance God gave Moses when He first spoke to him at mount Horeb, never went unfulfilled. God told Moses that, when He brings the Israelites out of Egypt, he should bring them to same mountain He met with him.

3 months after the Israelites left Egypt, they got to mount Sinai, which is same as mount Horeb. From here we learned that, even before the embarked on the journey, God had already known the outcome, and He gave Moses blessed assurance of success, by making him know he will bring the people to the mountain after having liberated them.

The purpose of God for the Jewish people was to free them from slavery in Egypt. Though, it took a mighty hand and an outstretched arm for God to liberate the Israelites, But God eventually did. Whatever purpose God has for anyone, no matter how difficult it looks, God will eventually fulfil it.

 If you have not watched that video, it is in the playlist, you can watch it after watching today’s episode.

Today’s episode is titled; learn to have fear of the Lord.

When God’s glory descended on mount Sinai, the Israelites couldn’t bear it, the feared and trembled. The complained to Moses saying: Speak to us yourself and we will listen. But do not have God speak to us or we will die. You can find this statement in the book of Exodus chapter 20 verse 19.

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Moses replied them saying, do not be afraid. God has come to test you, so that the fear of God will be with you, to keep you from sinning.

The fear of God is the key to a peaceful world. If each and every one of us will have fear of God in everything we do, we will have a peaceful world. Fear of God refers to obeying God in avoiding evil acts and doing righteous acts. Just as a child abstains from doing certain things in fear of his or her parents, so also shall we abstain from doing certain things in fear of God. Fear of God shouldn’t be seen as a negative thing, it should bring us closer to God and His service. We should fear God out of respect and honor, and not because of divine punishment. Fear of God is necessary to have a decent society. Learn to have fear of God and your ways will be pleasing to God, which will in turn bring you blessings and favor.

May God instill His fear in us, that we may stay away from sin. Amen.

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May the peace of the living God, Almighty, be with you forever and ever, AMEN.

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