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List of Nathaniel Bassey Songs Mp3 Download and Lyrics

Nathaniel Bassey Songs List Mp3 Download and Lyrics

Here you’ll find All Nathaniel Bassey songs list mp3 download and Lyrics. 

Nigerian Gospel Music Minister, Nat as he is fondly called was born in 1978 to a Lagos-based family from Ikot Ofon Ikono in Uyo local government area of Akwa-Ibom state, South-South Nigeria. He was born into a devout Christian home with his father, Mr E Joshua Bassey being a pastor in The Apostolic Church Bashua Assembly.

Nathaniel Bassey grew up with a strong passion for music, particularly the Jazz music genre, with the likes of gospel music icon, Dr Panam Percy Paul inspiring him to give it a trial. Now, Nathaniel Bassey songs is one of the most popular Nigerian Gospel Songs. He is a graduate of Politics and International Relations from the University of London.

Nathaniel Bassey has released songs such as Casting Crowns, Book of Life, Emi Mimo, Eze, Take the Stage, God of Love, Someone’s At The Door, Hallelujah Eh, Great Jehovah, Great I Am.

  Nathaniel Bassey - This God is Too Good Ft. Micah Stampley (Mp3, Lyrics)

Nathaniel Bassey has featured Micah Stampley in This is Too Good and Onise Iyanu, Wale Adenuga in Olowogbogboro, Victoria Orenze in Alagbada Ina, Lovesong in No Other God and “Wonderful Wonder”, Chigozie Achugo in You Are God, Tomi Favored & Tope Alabi in Awamaridi, Glenn Gwazai in Strong Tower.

The following artiste has featured Nathaniel Bassey, Frank Edwards, Eben, TY Bello, Glowreeyah Braimah, Enitan Adaba, Nosa, Pastor Chingtok, Elijah Oyelade, Tosin Alao, Sammie Okposo, Joe Mettle and Ada Ehi among others.

List of Nathaniel Bassey Songs

Alagbada Ina

Download Alagbada Ina Ft. Victoria Orenze with Lyrics

  Frank Edwards - Thy Will Be Done Ft. Nathaniel Bassey (Mp3, Lyrics)

The Champion

Download The Champion with Lyrics

Casting Crowns

Download Casting Crowns with Lyrics


Download Awamaridi Ft. Tomi Favored & Tope Alabi Video with Lyrics


Download Olowogbogboro Ft. Wale Adenuga with Lyrics

Miracle Worker

Download Miracle Worker withLyrics

Hallelujah Eh

Download Hallelujah Eh with Lyrics

Onise Iyanu

Download Onise Iyanu Ft. Micah Stampley with Lyrics

This God is Too Good

Download This God is Too Good Ft. Micah Stampley with Lyrics

Wonderful Wonder

Download Wonderful Wonder Ft. Lovesong with Lyrics

Strong Tower

Download Strong Tower Ft. Gleen Gwazai Video and Lyrics

Someone’s At The Door

Download Someone’s At The Door with Lyrics

No Other God

Download No Other God Ft. Lovesong with Lyrics


Download Imela Ft. Enitan Adaba with Lyrics

No One Like You

Download No One Like You with Lyrics

Great Jehovah, Great I Am

Download Great Jehovah, Great I am Mp3, Video and Lyrics

Owner of The Key

(Elijah Oyelade Ft. Nathaniel Bassey)
Download Owner of The Key Mp3 and Lyrics

  Steve Crown – What A Mighty God ft Nathaniel Bassey

Take The Stage

Download Take the stage Mp3 and Lyrics


Download Eze Mp3 and Lyrics

Book of Life

Download Book of Life Mp3 and Lyrics

No One Like You

(Ada Ehi Ft. Nathaniel Bassey)

Download No one like you Audio and Lyrics

God of Love

Download God of Love Mp3 and Lyrics

Thy Will Be Done

(Frank Edwards Ft. Nathaniel Bassey)
Download Thy will be done and Lyrics

Holy Ghost Air

(TY Bello Ft. Nathaniel Bassey)
Download Holy Ghost Air Mp3 and Lyrics

You Are God

Download You are God Ft Chigozie Mp3 and Lyrics

Most High

(Nosa Ft. Nathaniel Bassey)
Download Most High Mp3 and Lyrics

Judah’s Lion

(Pastor Chingtok Ft. Nathaniel Bassey)
Download Judah’s Lion Mp3 and Lyrics

Lion and The Lamb

(Pastor Chingtok Ft. Olumide Iyun, Nathaniel Bassey)
Download Lion and the Lamp Mp3 and Lyrics

Doxology (Praise God, From Whom All Blessings Flow)

Doxology Video and Lyrics


Download and listen this Nathaniel Bassey Songs List which are spirit Filled and have been a blessing all over the world.

We’ll keep updating this list. Share your thought in the comment section below.


  1. He’s a GODSENT into my life. His lyrics are so amazing and soul lifting. Bless be d day U WERE BORN.


  2. I love you so much Nathaniel. May the Almighty God continue to use you to bless his people.
    You are just an amazing singer.

  3. Nathaniel Bassey has been one my favorite gospel artist.
    The anointing that always oozed out of his ministration has been incredible!

  4. My role model may The good Lord bless you for blessing my soul kindly I love your songs with my heart am a worshiper God has given that gift but I need your prayers and support in my music kindly remember me in your prayers any one ask me who is my role model I just mention Nathaniel bassey from Nigeria, kindly my PRAYERS to God is to meet one day because it’s my desire am doing all I can to come up like you but the studios I use are so local because and are the one I can afford but I believe one day God will open the door to the record in better studios and may from your studio it’s my prayers when I sing your song take your Glory I feel am changed and others please put me in your prayers.
    My name is James Franklin
    I grew up from Uganda but I was born in Kenya.
    My mother she is a Ugandan and my dad was a Kenyan passed away.

  5. You are a man of god ,indeed a radical man of god,i humble my self as a servant,and it is always known that the servant is always greater than the master.AMEN

  6. I was sleeping deep one afternoon some years ago wen I heard dis powerful song Book of Life. Suddenly a powerful force began to pull out faces from my face I counted 7faces pulled outta my face I’ve bn experiencin hate from pple & I’ve been denied twice entering international airplane they keep telling me is not my face this is in my passport nt knwin there hv bn demons covering my real face.that was hw God used Nathaniel ministrations to save me from demons .That first day I heard your song titled Book of life. Ws a blessed day of my life.i pray I get to meet in person some day .thanks

  7. Am very inspired by Nathaniel Bassey songs they really changed my day soul feel . God bless you more please, as you continue sharing with us the word of him. I love your song called strong tower.

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