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Guy Sebastian – Antidote ft. Sam Fischer (Mp3 Download, Lyrics)

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Antidote Lyrics by Guy Sebastian ft. Sam Fischer

Verse 1:
Funny how I hate it when I’m here but
Here I am again
Like I was made to mend but mending
Never seemed to make it end

Oh there you go
Making it all make sense

Verse 2:
It’s funny how you find the words I’ve never found a way to say
Find a way to make a masterpiece out of the mess I made

Pre 2:
Oh there you go
Making it all okay

You take the weight off my shoulder
You make it safe to get older
When I’m losing light
When I’m tippin over
You’re where I go
Whenever my feet miss the landing
You take me from stumbling to dancin
You’re where I go
When everything’s broken
My antidote

Verse 3:
You’ve taken every part of me apart and put it back again
And every place I’ve needed you’s
Exactly where you always been
I can’t remember living life before you
Oh how I adore you
Know everything would be in pieces if it weren’t for you
It’s funny how I almost walked away
From the very thing that saved me

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In the hopeless
In the lonely
Ain’t nobody that could know me like you know me
From my brightest to my darkest hour

When I’m frozen
In my weakness
I don’t ever have to wonder where my home is
You’re the brightest in my darkest hour
My antidote

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