Ejyke Nwamba – Aja Wele Wele

Aja Wele Wele by Ejike Nwamba Mp3

Ejike Nwamba - Aja Wele Wele Mp3, Lyrics, Video

Ejyke Nwamba is out with his Ogene music group to birth a new Album “Aja Wele Wele“, which consist of 3 hot tracks.

Listen and download Aja Wele Wele below.

Download Aja Wele Wele Mp3 by Ejike Nwamba

1. Ejyke Nwamba – Mawalu m Oji Mp3

2. Ejyke Nwamba – Ihe Ome Emee Mp3

3. Ejyke Nwamba – Mpogi Iza Mp3

Audio: Aja Wele Wele by Ejike Nwamba

  Ejyke Nwamba - Mpogi Iza

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