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righteousness and justice

Welcome to another episode of our daily bible study, in this episode, we will discuss the message titled, Do righteousness and justice. you can watch the video below.

Previously, we discussed the topic that says, do not enslave yourself. We learned from the last episode of our daily bible study that God does not want His children to be slaves to anyone, but to serve Him alone. We learned that God gave the Israelites rules on how to treat slaves and when a slave should be freed. Any slave that serves his mater for 6 years should be freed in the 7th year. If, however the slave decides to live with His master, if he does not want to go free, he will have to perform a ritual that will make him a slave for life.

Nevertheless, he can still be free in the year of jubilee. This teaches us that God does not want us to be slaves to any human, except to him. And being a slave to God means having a sweet relationship with him, just like a father and son.

That being so, we learned from that episode why we should not make ourselves slaves in any way. We learned that we should never be slaves to our past misfortunes, and we should not see ourselves as victims of circumstances. Know who you are, you are a winner and not a loser, you are the head and not the tail. Learn to esteem yourself high and aspire for great things and you will achieve them.

If you have not watched the video, it is in the playlist, you can watch it after watching today’s episode.

 In today’s episode, we will discuss the topic that says, do righteousness and justice. The book of exodus chapter 21 discussed a lot about civil laws, and if you take your time to study that piece of divine writing, you will agree with me that such rules are what our society needs at the moment to curb crime and corruption.

That chapter of the bible discusses rules of justice and righteousness. The fact is that, in as much as we ask God for divine blessings and breakthrough, we also need to learn how to live under the righteous rules of the Almighty. If your ways are in antagonism with the divine rules of God, you have to amend your ways and pursue the path of righteousness.

Today’s episode of our daily bible study is a message of admonition and correction. You can’t be in sin and grace will abide. Learn to stay away from injustice and unrighteousness and your ways will be pleasing to the Lord. When you do so, He will always attend to your needs. Remember that, no father will give immense attention to a disobedient child. We are children of God, let us make our father in heaven happy and he will in turn rain down His divine blessings on us.

So, from today, evaluate your life, eschew from sin and do righteousness. Remember that righteousness exalts a nation and sin is a reproach. Do righteousness and justice and God will reward you immensely for that.

May God remember and reward all our works of righteousness and justice. Amen.

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May the peace of the living God, Almighty, be with you forever and ever, AMEN.

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