Be Conscious of Time – Daily Bible Study

Be Conscious of Time - Daily Bible Study

Hello; Good people of God. Welcome to another episode of our daily bible study as we explore the book of Exodus. In today’s episode, you will learn a life-transforming message from our bible study that will change your life for good. The title of this episode is, be conscious of time.

In the preceding episode, we discussed the topic titled; know your limits. We got the insight from the event that happened in the book of Exodus chapter 8 verse 18; where the magicians of the pharaoh of Egypt could not produce gnats like Moses and Aaron did. At that point, the magicians realized that, there is limit to what man with his limited power can do.

 At that moment, the magicians of Egypt realized that, you cannot challenge God and fight to the finish. They confirmed this, when they told Pharaoh saying; This is the finger of God!  

In that very episode of our daily bible study, we learned how vital it is for one to always know their limits. Today, we will discuss the topic that says; be conscious of time.

A lot has been taught and is being taught about time. Time is a constant factor in our everyday life. We can learn so much from several sources about time, and the book of Exodus is not exempted from those sources.

In the book of Exodus chapter 8 verse 20, God said to Moses; Get up early in the morning and confront Pharaoh.

Child of God, did you hear that? It says; “get up early in the morning” and confront Pharaoh.  This means that, if Moses could not meet Pharaoh early in the morning, there might be a problem with God’s plan for the Israelites that very day; It is as simple as that.

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The lesson from this statement is very clear. There is a best time for accomplishing any task. Some tasks are better done in the morning, some in the afternoon and some in the evening; and so on. At the same time, we should also note that, some tasks are better left to be executed tomorrow and not today. Knowing the right time to act is what we should pray for. Because a well-done job is a job that was executed at the right time.

If you read the book of Exodus chapter 8 verse 28; you will see that when pharaoh disingenuously agreed to let the Israelites go, he asked Moses to pray for him that the flies may go away. Moses answered him in verse 29 saying, as soon as I leave you, I will pray to the Lord, and by tomorrow, the flies will leave. Here also, we saw that the appropriate time to remove the flies from Egypt is not immediately Pharaoh asked for it. In as much as God has the power to do what he asked for, at that very moment, it was not the appropriate time to do it for him.

In the case of Pharaoh, the appropriate time was tomorrow and not today. However, most of us, the time to act is now. Yes! Now is the time to act. Stop wasting your time, be conscious of time, wake very early in the morning and start your day, once you have conquered the morning, you have won the day. I will say it again, stop wasting time. Stop being lazy, if you continue like this you will remain poor, or become poor. All those celebrities you admire, they don’t waste their time, they work like every waking hour. Rise early and face the day. Once again, I say, stop wasting your time on unnecessary things. Use your time judiciously. Remember that a time lost cannot be recovered. Take that bold step today to start being conscious of your time and stop wasting time. If you take that bold step today, you will live to enjoy it forever.

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In all we do in life, may God assist us to make the right decisions, and at the appropriate time; amen.

I hope you learned so much from this piece of our daily bible study nuggets, and your life is richly blessed. Don’t forget to visit tomorrow for another wonderful episode of our daily bible nugget.

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May the peace of the living God, Almighty, be with you forever and ever, AMEN.

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